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     Unit4 Xtralarge

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    tions into the tumor. This method of using it, though
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    tive and objective, the author saves himself from leading the reader astray.
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    Other new experiments show that the daily excretion
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    ment of nutrition and function, atrophy. Chronic arteritis : Atheroma.
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    ling's method was used), the donor, a house physician,
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    another, or whether the extension and counter extension is obtained by weights
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    a similar result is obtained, but here again only if the perirenal fat is
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    the celebrated Dr. Boerhaave," of Leyden ; but as it proved to be
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    revealed nothing of special interest. Her health had always
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    in either ventricle; in the majority of the cases in the left ventricle.
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    a more or less favourable result. He concludes that aristol is safe,
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    of these spots there were no other discolorations seen. There
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    of purely peripheral facial palsy arise from syphilitic causes. A basal
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    middle turbinated in multiple myxoma. Small masses of
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    suggestions for the prevention of disease, really says
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    force of the bladder may be so great as to irritate moder-
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    than three years ago, I wrote to a medical publication, suggesting an
    gages the nipple itself, at its upper part ; they Avere formerly
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    produced by narcotics is not physiologically identical with normal sleep ;
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    provement was no less rapid than secure; for there was no threat-
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    from an infectious disease. The widow, as might have
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    this, but he has also other facts to adduce in support of
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    to rotate at will. The lever being fixed with a ball-
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    of erethism or tension — of the cerebral fibres. Thus we seem to
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    der my care, and I therefore present them as a record of my own indi-
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    practically invisible when immersed in water, and collapsed
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    for the first time. It is then that the searching course of
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    int.. Par., 1899, iii, 410.— Thomas (W. R.) On intermit-
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    his honest convictions, and hoped to report his cases hereafter
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    poor to pay for medical attention ought to have the physician
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    valescents from the disease under treatment in Beneavin,
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    weeks, according to the dates given at which the patients entered the hospital
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    the disease after the eruption appears. If it is desired to disinfect

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