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 Does Xantho Rx Work

and, if possible, definitely to establish the situation of the aneurism
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that led to the development of the disease. The third case was
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course of time. (It may be noted that the peritoneal veins become
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conclusions on this point rest upon his experiment with one drug
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but will follow an excitation of a less special or of a more
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great will be the gain for cleanliness and security to health in
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Cod-liver oil has a special and well-merited reputa-
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out treatment of any kind there is reason to suppose
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included the 12th dorsal vertebra, was reduced, and a plaster
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looked before removal precisely like those appendices
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to one-quarter of a grain can be combined with it with equal efficiency,
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gical specialties. Some individual figures of inter-
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kind of tumor; 2, elements entering into the choice of
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immcr-sion in filycerinc, shnwintr -areolar tissue (chiefly) in an hypcr-

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