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it is true, nor would he tell me if I did. But even a legend may

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**From our experience with 19 cases, I feel justified in performing splenectomy

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have had, and still have, their firm adherents in the ranks

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the second or third day after the beginning of acute symptoms the

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e. Wisconsin Council of Hospitals and Homes for the Aged

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ment on behalf of the complainants. Judge Hare say-

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he was appointed a demonstrator of anatomy in the old Toronto

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to kill many. The variety of acid makes little difference. The mineral

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Local treatment. — Undiluted tinct. opium poured into the

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mation can be discerned elsewhere, especially in the

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caped major injury, Nature makes no effort to limit joint

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with great muscular strength, yet we see nothing in the way of in-

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which house our great business and com- Still, what will the sick do without the

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in them ; and as it is only in clinical study, and on

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self-understood, is the lower limit of the stomach. To

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the importation of the disease in localities where it did not previously exist.

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We calculate that this Institution, small varying slightly in different animals. The

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these having a plain case of syphilis of being the man to infect her.

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estivoautumnal infection. The latter, however, assumes the ascendant

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blood, or agar. In certain instances, tubes have been made

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cated at Beyrout, where there had been reported isolated

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' on Self'limited Diseases, He prefaced his remarks with some observa-

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ease, a model for other inquirers. Dr. JNIorehead's

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had thus ended in a negative result. Villemin's experiments

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be censored — in and out. The colonel was deadly serious.

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process, give rise 4:o intoxication; (6) the ferment action is balanced

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was not found necessary to resort to the stiff instru-

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stitutions, or in persons who were long exposed to causes productive of

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periments upon two common forms of hydra. Hydra viridis

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the bacillus of leprosy is the only one which very closely

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