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     Anabol 5 O Vitrix

    and many a sickly, sallow cougher became a brawny miner.

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    effects of carbonic acid given out by a limekiln, was found with the left arm

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    lumbar region somewhere between the origin of the second

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    The entire absence of uniformity in results with incipi-

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    go ; Tiffany, of Baltimore ; and White, of Brooklyn,

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    abundant, they are evidence of a certain functional insufficiency of the

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    instances two incisions were made, one in the central

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    was also painfully conscious of the fac'. that He then determined to punish him and cure

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    to displacement of the bones. One may even separate completely the tibia from

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    floors of both orbits. The vision in the right eye was impaired, but the left

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    tines should be avoided by keeping them within the abdomen during

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    months. 5. The number (surviving or not) of a fertile

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    teeth by the bit. They do no good, but do not, as is sometimes

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    culin tests cannot be produced in healthy individuals. This does

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    quent, numbering 120 or 130 per minute ; but in some cases the acoden-

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    acid. At the external inspection of the body the most striking points

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    ease with which the spleen may be ruptured. The chief complication

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    therapeutical uses, are considered. Of the disorders, the chief

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    open. With the hand inside the sac, it was now delivered from the

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    confined to the hair follicles, but later occur independently -of them.

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    have been so striking will prove definitive cannot be decided,

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    is justified only when a sufficient quantity again begins to circulate at

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    actions were taken. This information is made available to the public under the provisions of Section 334.101 RSMo.

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    In certain cases quite a portion of the cortex is left adher-

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    surgeons were unanimous in admitting the relative safety of

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    blood examination were made, turn out to be acute leukae-

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    author's Goulstonian Lectures and of other previously published writings;

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    spasm, nor yet by inertia, which is, as we know, competent to cause, in limbs

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    into the alimentary canal. All these facts combine to prove that it

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    dulness over the whole part. When first seen the tumour

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    other moral or physical cause coincident with that period.

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    M. Snow. M. D., Superintendent of Health. 8vo. pp. 15. Provi-

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    with which the heat can be controlled. The portable hot-air

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    Treatment. — Give ice or iced barley water, and paint the

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