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made to move. The pulse indicated this state, for it was feeble;

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The following are direct quotes taken out of context with infrequent

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thoroughly acquainted with the principles of physics, or natural

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an article by hfm on the thera])eutical use of urotropine. He

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nal that there were five million deaths reported last year in India from

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the animals. This drug, however, only prevents the effect of the germ,

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He had been well up to three years before, when after

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leading veins of the arm. The treatment took visible effect^

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mittee was appointed to make all arrangements and to

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1 See p. 73 of the text and p. 242 of the notes in vol. xi of the

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We are inclined to present the theory that the active coagulating


invaded the substance of the left lung as a dense white mass, marked in

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rest in the 24 hours, but make increased and vigor-

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Returning from a trip to El Wedj some days later, the

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however, had a very positive opinion as to the cause of the condition,

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he suddenly exclaimed " Thank God! I am better," and for a few

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Corresponding Secretary/ — Parker Syms, M. D., 60 West 47th

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nature and causes ; second, its physical and chemical properties ; third, its


miliary aneurysms are not found with especial frequency in those regions of

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wholly different from those exhibited in any other affection of the

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the epinephrin test, June 28*; the atropin-epinephrin test, June 29, and fte

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the operative procedure it should be thorough, else it is

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a poor result in three cases. " By 'good' is understood ability to

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Apart from cases in which myxcedema results from extir-

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produced by affections of the heart without rupture,

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of Students preparing for JSxaminaiion, By W. HAin)SBL Gbipvithb, Ph.D.,

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The Starting points of Tuberculous Disease in Children.

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symptoms of cardiac disorder. This, he says, may be thought

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logical therapeutics, insanity and nervous diseases, and the

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pitals, by an hospital mate, (Mr. Hume) who had seen it prac-

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Case 186. — Operator, Roberts, 1893. Dorsal region ; duration, 5

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tially a conventional term, and begins when the morbid processes occasion

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Treatment of this kind will generally core iteh in the coarse of a few days

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mature women anything, though they have plans for making

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