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operate by lithotrity, with no other view, iiowever, than to
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while the causes of the transfer, or the means by which it is effected, are
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* Meerwein: Duodenalverletsungen durch stumpfe Qewalt, Beitr.
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labours, the causation of meningeal haemorrhage — usually
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and household duties. In fact even with the best of self-help from the
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tertian. Josephus Frank likewise asserts that pernicious fever has
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the Pennsylvania ; University of Pennsylvania ; the
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for a lonij period, and the patient would he sidtjecled to
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men and white blood-corpuscles than a transudation, and is distinguished
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pair the interest or value of the book. On the contrary, this would go far to
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the diseases of children is regarded as entirely medical —
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which have disappeared during scores or hundreds or even thousands
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simultaneous records of both events. This can now be accomplished most
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increasing the primary current, you will notice that the curve assumes
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children. He found that shortsightedness was much more frequent in
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up then the 3d stage sets in with rather marked dysenteric manifesta-
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consciousness existed, until I had carefully satisfied
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described presently, accompanied by slight pelvic pain which the patient
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or less well-known nature in the smaller structures, there are also
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part of the retina, and perhaps would lead to a total de-
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forward of the value of introducing a sterile oil into the peri-
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and handicaps, age at time of claim and age at settle-
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The spleen was enlarged and indurated and had lost the natural splenic mad Weight of
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drafts of ice-water, eat ice-cream, green corn, and
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ai'id we deprecate it as TTiovt pernicious and unjust. Small- Pox, in any shape, is a
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voke similar reactions when applied to man. All of you know how often
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cared for by a physician of Noblesville. I was asked
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were removed from the body of a female, who had been repeatedly under
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many cases of pneumonia the disease in the lungs is
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iodoform, sulphate of zinc, or alum, or by applying the liquid subsul-
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As to the use of ergot in all cases, I never use it in any case of labor
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is probably the result of an inoculation of the conjunc-
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