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    on these points and leave their further consideration to

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    declined giving to Dr. Lee the details of his operations, yet he had sent to him

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    sensation, which diminishes gradually as we approach the ulnar

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    ordinary students, 151 as extraordinary students, and 343

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    value of this dead stock is about ^35,000,000. When in a recent speech Sir

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    the circulation. In the iodine-poor secretion of a hyperplastic gland the

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    years. In five short years we will not only enter the 21st

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    insoluble quaternary bases pass into breast milk, it is unlikely that Atrovent would reach the

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    Spinal cord, jdiysiology and anatomy of, 321 ; systemic

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    1. Van Oieson: A Study of the Artefacts of the Nervous System. Reprint from the N. Y.

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    Pharmacy. Published Quarterly. Edinburgh : Black. (Last Number re-

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    morning he spat up a little blood. His appetite has

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    tional body within the profession. At the same time,

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    Walsh points out many of the conditions which may be

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    A group of officials, the syndicate and Koch are all pulling

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    nected with the corpus callosura, did not appear to

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    that a much smaller proportion of pine tar may be used without

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    rosive sublimate in tablets, a box of eucalyptus vaseline, a

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    Inspiratory and expiratory sonorous and sibilant, ^ /> ~^ .

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    instrument has been used for a considerable time in veterinary

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    iadae rendered some genuine service to science, especially

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    as evidenced by the appearance in inflammation of the same polyblasts from

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