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have used it with remarkable success, while others report its absolute


to the relations of the excretions to temperature, and especially

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for a case of erysipelas and then do an operation or at-

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Strychnia and nux vomica often succeed. Chloride of sodium, given to the


ation throughout France. It must be inferred that the

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If Gradenigo's auditory field is completed and constructed

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even of a small quantity, will also cause death. In order to insure success in

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was sustained by the Supreme Court of Texas in the case of Missouri, etc.,

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to either bruise it and infuse it in spirits, for a tincture, or after care-

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equipment installation program. Approximately 600 X-ray studies per month

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the deformity iu either of tiiese groups would do harm.

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The patient made a satisfactory and afebrile recovery,

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but also economic and sociological factors. Suitable laws are necessary,

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gages the nipple itself, at its upper part ; they Avere formerly

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be to examine a trainload of passengers from Kew York.

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pital, whose work on diphtheria, though published in 1860, is still an authority.

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muscles supple. There was no evidence of pain. No paralysis was

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of tartar, and oxalic acid; \ oz. salt of sorrel; and \ oz. of

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In this, we think there is wisdom. We judge from our own limited

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