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convolutions may be injured or utterly destroyed without the

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troduced without difficulty, and about the same amount

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greatly retarded, and the height of the pulse and its

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in fifteen to thirty minutes. A source of fallacy was

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to the normal, and the actual number of large mononuclear cells may be above the



have been held as to the origin of vaccinia. Before enumerating and

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Reading, Writing, Aritlimetic, English Grammar, Geography, His-

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mucous membrane of the turbinate bones. The nasal mucous

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peculiar tendency to induce a softened state of the bones.

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to distinguish the affection, as described by Sydenham, from a hysterical

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movable with the labium minus. Around the tumor the mucous

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ing of a bit of bread-crumb. It seems to absorb the

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and the propriety of removing them, is a question that

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he is confident its more general use would make earlier

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given to calomel and opium for obvious reasons. Nitre does not act

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standing, yet there are innate properties in cells put

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in congenital heart disease and may be seen in extreme grades. Anemia

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slough. This spotted redness of the skin may be very slight in

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Generally the sense of touch and sensibility to pain were

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as a part of the saturnine encephalopathy. Hence, an

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retical ideas which had led the first observers to describe these paralyses under

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Our experience has long since convinced us that in many cases the affection is

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said that the tissues in front of the rectum are thicker

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papules, which speedily acquire a vesicular character, and in the course

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seminated points. The muscles of the eye are sometimes the seat. Move-

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that in form 2 no siderosis was present. Yet this is not the case.

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hundred and six cases are recorded at length, certainly

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drinking and non-drinking persons was determined by some

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modifying the name given it by Duchenne, of fatty atrophic paralysis,

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Its low specific gravity must make it less dangerous than the others. It is not

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After the operation a good sedative should be given, such

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