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edly, and always with the same results. Finally, a large


grouping and permanent classification and preservation in fu

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Topographical conditions have upon human life, yet the subject

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It’s a monumental task, organizing 108 medical teams, and the goal

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and that it is "frequent, soft, of moderate fullness, and never

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history of fibroma of the uterus, with excessive menstrual

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part of the internal capsule is the direct channel for the transmission of

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3 P.M., was surrounded by the very influences to invite

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which takes on a deep color. But the parasites appear to be swollen

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returned to its normal condition. While the vomiting disap-

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even convulsions : the instances are, however, rare, and should

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The clinical symptoms manifested in exophthalmic goiter depend upon

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up then the 3d stage sets in with rather marked dysenteric manifesta-

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adults, coming to autopsy without clinical history of thyroid

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the constitution of the blood is impaired, giving rise to certain ascertained

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or less extensive ecchymoses. The variolous eruption rarely appears, thou^

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and every person domiciled in France for six months is com-

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such as epilepsy and other convulsive disorders. The inference,

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the several parts of the subject are not only treated in detail, but their

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fession, by a great variety of observers in different parts

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This we believe to be not only morally, but in its widest sense,

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I have now sketched very broadly the rational treatment of these

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place in surgical nosology as an independent morbid en-

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is some evidence that it causes albuminuria, and this

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one who may feel disposed to possess the work. Every practitioner,

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mary of the histologic arrangement and appearance, after which

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bitable. Of the second, it must be acknowledged that

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offense is not ended. It does not suffice to discharge them

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the methods of the "temperance" school physiologies,

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faction, and the Syro-Bulb is unique, practical and en-

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fatty degeneration and infiltration lose their influence

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with gouty deposits in the joints and with frank gout is

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which has been wet with a solution of ferro-prussiate of potash

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