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     Nutrex Vitrix 180 Capsulas

    College Hospital. The discharge ceased after a fortnight. A

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    case which first attracted his attention ; in this manner he has

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    are not made for the accommodation or instruction of an

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    of the milk — tlie farmer who sends it in, if he can be found in the

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    37, Hertford-street, London, W., July 24. R. Druitt.

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    The stomachs of which sections were cut were taken from

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    and force of which none but medical men fully appreciate and understand,

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    joint. In the majority of cases the disease appeared with mathematical

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    The patient was placed under chloroform, but all attempts at reduction

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    extremely common, and among the most characteristic of them. They

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    Bigelow. He was at that time in perfect health. It may be

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    tablished by the State Medical Society of Wisconsin

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    ing the afflicted to health — no complaint of mal-practice was preferred

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    and on section are found to be caseous or to contain collections of pus.

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    acid in different spots about the line of demarkation had seemed

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    profession. Were we to receive our impressions from the

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    administration of strychnine and ergot ; useful as the former

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    phorus in olive oil (one part to three hundred) ; wear

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    of course had ptosis, and there was also some protrusion of the eyeball.

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    in 94 per cent, of 50 cases with biliary fistulas in which urobilin

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    the results attained, we can truthfully assert.that

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    tic use of water. Phila. M. J. ,-1900, v, 532-534.— Spriiiis;-

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    to convince us that, like them, they are connected with sanguification ;

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    cerebellum and its decussation in the tegmentum, the tremors were con-

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    Also in Braun's Parasites of Man, English edition. London.

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    weight of the tumour, and its pressure upon the parts at the lower

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    of the lesion on the right side shown clinically by the recorded cases.

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    Biliary Surgery. Until further experience is gained with the effects

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    tion of arsenic caused a very considerable increase in the

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    time retired from my Profession, .lud was holding the ap-

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    ice, or a mustard plaster, or spraying the stomach with ethyl

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