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    of drugs, some politicians, law enforcement officials, and

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    dren and mothers or guardians. The sea-side nursery

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    In Lecture II an interesting- account is fjiven of " Vaccination

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    work of this kind in the months of July and August of

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    confined to bed, recovery is always more rapid and permanent, and the

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    condition of the child and his tender age, would in my opinion

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    (J. A.) Statistics of typlioid convalescents at Coast Hos-

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    or malaria. Therefore a house-to-house visitation is almost neces-

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    hitherto unrecognised, representatives of these genera

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    duced friction between the State Anatomical Board and the

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    in size, becomes more dense, preserves a flat horizontal base,

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    markable results. The danger of the opera- tomy> Beye a's patients were kept in bed

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    Some time ago the writer made a series of experiments

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    globat gland folded, one half flretching beneath the aponeurofis;

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    to error, as the cartilage cells which then float loose, mixed with granules

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    Greeks call Condylomata, having a certain asperity and magnitude ; its colour is

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    QuERr'lSch. — Is Cancer i under any ctrcumjlancfs, fvfceptible of a

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    had been only studied in cases of progressive locomotor ataxy, and in

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    first year, £12 ; second year, £20. Nurses receive from £24 to £27 a year. The

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    ends of the plate and through tlie drill holes. Three months

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    in the spot where the deceased has died. The deceased may have bled in

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    that sleep may be produced by pressure on the carotid

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