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kidneys. There was not a trace of chloroform in the urine, and

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fingers, around the nails and the furrows and creases of each

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The following forms occur: (1) solitary abscess, (2) embolic or pyaemic

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45, 61, 67, 78, 79, 80, 81. HRS. Officers transferred

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peripheral irritation, by supposing that long continued or sud-

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effect and the period elapsing before the onset of polyneuritis did not

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would practise within their limits, and modification of the

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during the early years of their married life by teaching

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tions. The pyloric ring was somewhat enlarged ; the duodenum very

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present in carboluria. Certain poisonous plants may cause a


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Text-Fig. 3. Experiment 7. The rate of growth of Bashford Adenocarci-

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