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tips. They may be mottled. The legs are large and strong. The body is

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grey matter, and of the corresponding spinal roots ; and as to the delay in

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Under forty the neuroses are more common; after forty myocarditis..

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all proportion to its real importance. In a considerable class of cases such

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glottis alone, especially at its root, above all, over the bands which stretch

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emptied of its contents, the delivery of both foetuses thus

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sions are present. In many of these cases, however, it manifests no

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which is often the case without a eagf, it cannot he ad

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culosis in 288 (31.9 per cent) distributed as follows :

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or in other important organs, and also in the number of parasites present.

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Many of them were in active operation before Christopher

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and the bettering of the experiences. The Parents' Association

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under such cu-cumstances, to abridge the duration of the labour,

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Xges kl he extravasation was produced by a blow, especially when it is

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the entire cavity of the chest, and weighed, along with the heart, a

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the proof of its existence is a proof of disease, though it may be

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game in which the odds are strongly against both the

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resignation of Dr. Williams be accepted, and that the thanks

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to emphasise the importance of the influence of diathesis

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and a summit or apex. It is retained in its place by

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Johnson, Roger Knutson, Karla Murphy, Cindi Pochop,

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and heteromorphic phenomena in development. But a recognition

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Mr. Editor — As T have great faith in the philosophy of the Thom-

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