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vessels coming from it, and if the latter, which vessel is affected. Then

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History, — Hamularia is frequently found in horses and asses, generally

vigrx local stores

Prince C. Page, M.D., Bangor, Me., to Miss Ida May North,

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Form 10: Consent to examination of physician’s records.

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for sugar in minute quantity, is to have both liquids, at the moment of their ad-

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pulse is full and strong ; the heart's contraction is sharp and

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clothing, and exercise. Curative treatment : The choice

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I II'- il.iin.i-e lu !i--ue in llii- lype ..t wuimd i- ntteii niu^t evteii-^ive,

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ing is not employed unless there is old suppuration or

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he took a prominent part in the discussions on the contagious


tember ; the weather had become cooler, the thermometer hav-

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gathers, he learns in what a hopeless condition the patient's

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faeces, neuralgic pains or nimibness in the corresponding extremities

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unwise to lose sight of the many particulars in which it

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Ocular troubles consecutive to chronic intoxication by alcohol are very

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Pneumothorax with complete collapse of the lung, when occurring

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Henry, N. Y. ; E. T. Crafts, of Middlebury ; and G. R. Sanborn, of

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sound sense which he evinced by remaining faithf'Jly attached

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taught the world how to utilize Jenner's great demonstration.

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tried to walk about, with the result that the limb became gangrenous.

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maybe able to take up more fat, we use such kerato-

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the agent, although present in the district, has no power over the

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of phenolsulphonephthalein showed marked fluctuations, varying from

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large towns of Lancashire for many years before the

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" To be recommended, not only for the lucid manner in which descrip-

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or his reader wili certainly nti*tittdcrstand them. Generally, also,

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completed the election of the Faculty for the medical

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one an abortive or non-paralytic case of poliomyeUtis and the other a healthy

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xxvil, .585-603, 2 pi., 1 diag.— Dmoehowski (Z.) & Ja-

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garrisoned by 12,576 Europeans, being the main body of the Brit-

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