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bleeding. The extent of the other, the htemorrhage,

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mission. In tracheotomized cases carefully observed the position of the

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vagina tamponed loosely with iodoform ganzo. The gauze and

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colla fiattura delta tibia. Indipendente, Torino, 1880,

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tirely on the sense of touch when bringing the tumor up to the

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too painfully true, and forms the one single abnormity

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latent fevers, still other diseases arise, requiring a differential diag-

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inflammation had supervened and several collections

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enous compounds are known to be derived from nuclein. These are

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Association would do service to the public, and greatly advance the

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at his risk "; but his countrymen eat four meals, at

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the eyeball, the eye becomes bloodshot, and the cornea loses its

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purative; later on they may become absorbed, but meningitis with

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porter, and lastly injection, until the discharge was completely cared. A very

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appear, that such person is not registered according to

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formed when the diagnosis was first made. All surgeons are agreed on

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after some days; the fluid is absorbed, the epidermis turns brown

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thirty-one. Small-pox shows a disposition to increase,

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overcrowd, is present even to those who are acquainted most intimately with the

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mic Hospital Reports, vol. ix. page 27.] — Lond. Med. Record, April 15, 1880.

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a differentiation of the nerve spindles is desired. Also, it


accompanied by copious perspiration, and every motion aggravates the pain

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upon by the developing stroma (Rindfleish|| and LUcke**).

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Even when the joints are not very painful, and this sedulous

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of grumous blood ; while in other examples we have dark gru-

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Yon Graefe s treatment of diseases of, Dr. Samelson

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sumptive and the diabetic we have very little excuse to be ill.^' This

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the eS"ect of vaccination. The Council of the Epidemio-

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Treatment of a Paroxysm. If the narcomaniac is broughl to you

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In conclusion, it may be pointed out that, while circumstances occa-

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