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low-lying, flat, and swampy, fevers of first invasion
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unexpected demise of Dr. Bright has created a deep impression
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Doctors," importing to have been contested at Baltimore, on Lyceum
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decades that it has been seriously considered by the medi-
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of spinal diseases. The more prominent of these associations
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chase after some ignis fatuiis like trifling mu-xular de-
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1 This predisposition suggests an analogy with the readiness with which many persons
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as the clinical indications are fairly well marked, this is probably a
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every patient who expectorates should have a pocket cup, are far more
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lesion in August, 1873, which was followed by the usual train of constitu-
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Clinical Report. — The child is without fever, hoarse,
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suppression of the perspiration ; so other organs may be in turn
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and I was unable to see her afterward. As the tumor
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The second great safeguard of the integrity of the community is the
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stration. He expected to see brilliancy in operative methods,
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followed as in the case of gonorrhoea. A long-necked syringe is
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It is the tendency to pernidousness which makes us dread malignant tertian as
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1884 Benham, F. Lucas, M.D., Camden House, near Exeter, Adelaide,
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missure ; turgidity of the blood vessels, with or without hemorrhage or
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to use the accessory muscles of respiration. The heart's action is inter-
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in small doses as a stimulant diuretic, or anti-hsemor-
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which are sometimes but an excuse for want of skill, but we cannot
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the fastigium or the period of decline, and is often dependent upon some local
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needs. Our hospitals are staffed with dedicated, competent
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observations by actual test with the proper glasses." In connexion
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when, without exception, it is filwnys productive of great
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Howie, Eugene B., Raleigh; Univ. of Md., 1910 1910 1937
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founded with delirium tremens ; but for the production of the latter
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upon the particular shape that the peritonitis took. The intes-
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seems almost certain that ileo-colitis and ulcerative colitis may be
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Cause. — Extending from the skull downward through the
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The acidify of milk is usually expressed in terms of lactic acid^
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acetate until no more precipitate was formed. As in the case of horse-flesh,
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recommends for admission, after examination, Thomas Barling,
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the greater efficiency of the former in their hands.
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eliminated through the skin they produce their irritating effects
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sues about the joint were still much swollen. As the

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