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     Vigora Tonic

    spherical bodies. According to some authorities, the rosettes are more
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    would begin with the simplest examples in addition and
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    downwards, while with the ether, he presses the rest of the body up-
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    and there is a prevailing price as accepted by law as being the correct
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    may be so slight as to escape the patient's notice. JNIany of such fistulse
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    have been suggested. They are : (1) to wait for the
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    most dangerous nature may ensue from previous protraction of
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    The third fbim of partial aiMpinia of the biain, the lesolt of com-
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    The next meeting of the Pan-American Congress will be held in
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    1 was unable to go then until two o'clock, and I then found
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    anterior, lateral and posterior surfaces of the legs and thighs and dorsal sur-
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    is sometimes communicated from man to man. Washerwomen have
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    long expression should be tried before introducing the
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    doubt that the temperature of the external parts and extremities of
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    and may be continued Avith advantage for a long i)eriod. Not infrequently,
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    for his systematic course at the Ecole de Medecine is each year to select some one
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    lateral ventricle, there was seen a cyst of the size of a filbert,
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    surgeons had attempted to transplant the sheep's thyroid gland to human
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    To this tetanic fixation of the jaw is applied the term trismus. The
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    collected in large quantity. The back of the foetus presented; I waited until
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    mals and plants. High up where the air is rarefied the ac-
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    able to observe. In any case, the gastric dilatation and the
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    pupil, affection of the accommodation due to paralysis of the ciliary muscle is
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    of handling of material and a corresponding increase
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    formed, chiefly by Europeans, to send aid to stricken
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    St. Bartholometc' s Hospital Reports. Edited by Dr. Edwards
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    cutaneous diseases, &c. But it is now seldom prescribed.
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    tion, as it contains matter that deeply concerns the
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    Propbylaxe cler synipatbiscben Opliilialiuii'. Arcb. f.
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    consider it perfectly safe in many cases of labor, but it should
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    ciation. In both these cases there were no symptoms of
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    relating to blindness in Wisconsin in the hope that

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