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    “ A strange thing lately happened, as has been ascer-

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    ody. To improve existing conditions in caring for the insane

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    deserve the greatest attention, is tnherculosis. Some French physi-

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    increased instead of diminished by this measure, the crew re-em-

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    Buchanan, S. E., Concord, Univ. of Md., 1912 1912 1914

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    be no doubt was the cavity of the uterus, to the ex-

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    sold out our stock-in-trade of that article. The chief argu-


    gaverifv to great unesknessand to burning pidns. * * After flye days of great suffering and utter insMIity to

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    and so probably had the nervous layer. He also wished

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    Thank God it's over! I.H.T.F.P.! Thanks to my tamily for all their Love and support

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    stricture, no cause assignable, 2 cases ; spasmodic strict-

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