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and when we consider our magnificent special line of practice. They know it is
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that in the greater number of cases more or less water is found in
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ease had never been known to attack the lower animals in a
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68. Kardinaal AF, Kok FJ, Ringstad J, et al: Antioxidants in adipose
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upon the patient the importance of taking the proper treatment soon
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aetera— Clinical nistoo'—Causatiun— Diagnosis— rrognosis— Treatment Pernicious Kemit-
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— ^By Pierce Baily, A. M., M. D., Clinical Lecturer in Neurology, Columbia^
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It remained, however, for Breisky to coin a term which described
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skin of the extremitA- to which such a test was applied. The
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said to him. During the past two years the hearing had
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ily overcome. Carry away the body heat as rapidly as possible by a strong
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ward phenomena of nature, an inheritance sufficiently large to meet
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backward, displacements which may also be brought about by contraction
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prolonged and the operation was regularly performed.
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parallel conditions, show that vaccine gives rise to a typical local
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his chills, and greatly reduced his spleen. But as the spleen
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could not be obtained. Previous to the introduction of anti-
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tuberculosis was not present, and that they were really cases of chronic
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with the application of these general principles to special conditions
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licity of a large and general hospital ; it is conducted, so far as
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garbage, which some memoir writers have done, m the true spirit
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■would induce vaccinators to be more energetic in
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disappeared, and since commencing the medicine the swelling

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