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It is exceptional that carcinoma of the pylorus extends in this

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1. Palm oil 3 lb, resin 1 lb; melt together, and, when they

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steadily increased, the oedema of the neck becoming so marked

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tion of which possesses remarkable powers of bleaching.

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by their results that typhoid has become milder, or

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citing, and which are the passions most frequently called into ac-

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be quickly or slowly developed. Sometimes an acute febrile eruption,

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exposure to the air — has been wholly satisfactory.

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another by people, fodder, grain, bales of cotton and clothing,

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to travel, are very often totally distinct from those which are

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the household are protected in part from direct contagion, and from im-

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tive rarity of adhesions in carcinoma at the pyloric end is doubtlessly due

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till' piUT|ii'iiuin us iiiiuliiii^ liilt m-ciili'iiliii.

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2 Wiener klinische Wochenschrlft, December 18, 1902.

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urge the use of this or some similar method, 1 in all cases of organic

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painful urination. For nearly a year before I saw her

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Professional Liability, a Professional Office Policy, and

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which shares with surgery the advances gained by the discoveries of

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the several viscera of digestion, which is recognized by

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opening of the capsule, and consequent partial retention of lens-substance.

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Mr. Bruce said that perhaps his right hon. friend would move

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Fig. 69.— I, Invasion; II, development and extension of the exantlieni ; III, retirement of tlie eruption.

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carotid artery and jugular vein were found perfectly uninjured. There

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