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     Viafem Pareri

    ternal medication which I observed. He says the inter-

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    yet time entirely to abandon the view, supported by many authors, that

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    Doctors," importing to have been contested at Baltimore, on Lyceum

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    that no student can understand them until he is tolerably familiar with the

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    about two and a half months pregnant, apparently in excellent

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    these having a plain case of syphilis of being the man to infect her.

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    I was called Sunday, August 20, 1893, at 10 A. M., in consultation

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    may perhaps in some cases precede the affection of the joints. It may

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    Vallude, Annal. d'oculist., Jan., Feb.; Revue d'ophthalmolog., 1. Van der Vel-

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    mixture to bei well shaken, and applied to the spots

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    cited in the report, which, further on, states : " our beautiful city is

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    where the pmcess of dilatation is so often tedious and

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    subsequently he remained well, until he finally returned in

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    our typical toxic idiopathy as : (a) the symptom complex both of the

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    vaccine free from bacteria, but long ago I examined the virus of

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    Dear Sir: — In the report of your committee forwarded be-

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    physician, and his four brothers, all of them older than

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    of the distal phalanges, and turning in of the thumb. This is sometimes

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    the spores of aspergillus fumigatus suspended in a so-

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    know of any case in his own experience of progressing

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    the general health. The secretion of gastric juice is checked

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    In addition to the muscles which surround and give support to the

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    will be found to have disturbed chemical conditions —


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    Dr. Bellows read a very instructive paper, in which he

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    general public. This inability to live up to expectations

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    vations extend includes two severe epidemics of influenza, which

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    CHILDRKN and in ADULTS : its Nature, Causes, and Treatment.

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    Immunhation. — Small animals can be immunized by the injection

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