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     Hkphone Revo Max

    Cocaine and Pregnancy— Implications for the Child,
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    body with the exception of the eye muscles, but more frequently the muscles
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    vanced by Dr. Shaffer, in that respect, was not correct.
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    liv, 403-405. — Ijevrat. Fractures de rextr6mit6 sup6-
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    (d) destruction of potential cancer immunity by depletion of the
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    taken in the fourth week. Albuminuria was present in five cases, and
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    nancy is to be selected, and only exceptionally should
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    mposition of the brain may be the seat of neuralgia,
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    in close contact with theni. There might \)e a few sore throats from which
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    '^ Quoted in rep.ort of Kober on ' ' Milk Preservatives, " U. S. Senate Com-
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    but now it is admitted by the best writers to be rarely necessary, if
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    Purgatives are calculated to do harm, as it is absolutely neces-
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    frequency obtained I herefrom in circulatory the diet and habits.
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    copy of which is hereto annexed. The evidence taken accompanies this report. Your
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    tina with reference to any possible influence on the blood com-
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    des noms propres servant h designer des maladies in-
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    normal rate w^as found restored after a rest of five minutes. The
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    should be made in each case. The quality of the lymph was
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    of the pulse is due almost exclusively to a shortening of the diastole. The
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    fifteen minutes there was violent vomiting, which continued for two j
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    In the case of normal blood it has been ascertained that 1 per
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    of fluid is obscure; it becomes, however, more and more dis-
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    an abundant gelatinous material, more or less completely filling the
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    was discharged feeling perfectly well after a treatment
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    Clinical Medicine,'' by Edward C. Seguin, M.D., New York.
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    January 21, exploration under chloroform: head of humerus black
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    part of the thigh, and bulging out on each side of the tendon
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    the extent of surface involved. As a rule the disease runs a favorable
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    pain is evinced on pressure; horse may be lame in his off front
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    If the attack is severe, with great embarrassment of the right heart,

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