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of the neurologic workup for incontinence. The wink

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in the lumbar region and radiates toward the groin. There is retraction

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ing. In the cities, the busy life of all classes scarcely

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of interest in the case seemed to hira to be, the pre-

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hysteria, and to promote the secretion of urine. It gives tone to

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some misunderstanding or another r The Bill now proposed

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It is just a year since Charles F. Lummis, the well-known explorer and writer,

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urine. Their kidneys are diseased, and many of these children are likely

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lieve it when irritable ? When in little children the blister becomes

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icine, for he says, p. 614 : " Among the internal remedies for tabes,

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Cold Feet. — This derangement is attributable to defect-

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Fig. 27. — Glossina morsitans before and after feeding. Lateral view. (From

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small — to secure apposition and occlusion; for the larger

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. . . Responded to local and national media in the form of letters to the editors, op-ed pieces, and interviews

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throughout the Caribbean.' Although recent surveillance

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qualities of Indian regiments compare very favourably with that

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Lofal Treatment. — In cases in which the itching is

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Samples only upon request. ANGIER CHFMICAL COMPANY, BOSTON, MAS?

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this is much more likely to be their state when the

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vagina. If doubt is experienced, the patient on being requested to

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of course, to attempt reduction. Place the patient in

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Various examples might be added to show how dependent the reflexes of Groups

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sciousness; we must further be endowed with a faculty of recalling

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We are sorry to observe, by the arrival of the R.M. steamship

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With his departure, a magnificent creation of the image of

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of her former symptoms referable to the presence of .

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R. A. B., 25 years old, amachinist, came to the clinic for nerv-

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Etiology. — It is possible, and even probable that, where cholera

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words, the larger the amount of foreign protein absorbed the

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the greatest dilatation usually occurs immediately above the site. The

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went from his home in New York to the stricken people and gave

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are of grave significance. A lesion beginning in the middle lobe is always

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