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Skin eruptions in the feeble and non-resistant are not rare, but

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eoimtries," as, for instance, in Egypt, In their studies

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a previous coitus) produce male offspring, but stale spermatozoa

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last number of the Eclectic Medical Journal contains an inter-

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to be used night and morning, as follows : — Gly-

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tration of morphia is sometimes needful after its use had been broken off, to pre-

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present. The whole body may be in a state of agitation, especially in old

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debilitated and emaciated, although the appetite continues good

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or place within the TJnlted States, and when performing the said

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Work. — In some instances it may be necessary for the patient to

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of the vestibulo-ocular tract and the other (vestibulocerebellocerebral tract)

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genic organisms. It misses all inagglutinable strains, and

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eyes shut, although she swayed considerably. The pupils

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threaten to occur during the systematic treatment of the neu-

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to practice medicine in Alleghany County. Conference with the

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firstborn son l^dward, and tlie Brethren and Sisters of the frater-

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must not be earlier than the third Winter Session, at a recog-

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been whipped to death. This made the repetition of such n

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not appear to be either complicated or in any other way

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with numerous dark-purple spots on various parts of the body. He was com-

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Holt says there is practically always an epiphyseal osteochondritis and

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shows better results than the converse. I believe also that this state-

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(G.) Quelques lois touchant la troissance et la bc autc du

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" Tou can pay five hundred dollars now, on account, and further, according to

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dilatation a necessary attendant on the general accumulation of

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tuberculin, is not employed by Koch. Concerning the

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Microscopic examination reveals the presence of red blood cor-

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decision to take on the task of editing this book. The success

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jaune. Compt. rend. Acad. d. sc.. Par., 1887, ev, 289. — de

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Case IX. — L. M., primipara, aged twenty-two, admitted,

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tingly, imbibed by intimate association and familiar converse

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a board of seven is to be appointed by the President, subject to

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1687, Haarlem, 1888, i, 1.56-162. . Die Coucavitiit des

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that when once anaemia is developed, no food, or comliination of

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