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the upper end of which was near the sternal notch. The clear-cut,

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it from that affection. In cases of doubt microscoi)ical examination

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Vienna is, at last reports, free from the disease. No

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The prognosis in such a case was much better than in

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of a fibroid. It has not been possible anywhere to demonstrate either

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in which tabes follows the more chronic specific disease, syphilis. Tin-

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place; thus, in a side-glen of the Surrey hills, run-

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An increased flow of saliva, as well as vomiting, has been occasionally amongst the symp-

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and usually either tlie joints in the hands or the feet. When


nursing. All these prime conditions of health are called

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Sth December 1869. — Dr Bell, President, in the Chair.

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Baldwin, F. A., 129 W. 77th St., Xew York, Xew York Co.

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I gave especial attention to the study of the olfactory nerves and

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use to the Dermatologist, as well as the general practitioner, and an

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vantage in its traction on the costal border because there was

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