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the cutis the marks of the former vesicles, a sort of negative im-

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reported, due to suffocation or bronchopneumonia. The urine is usually

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cians and Surgeons, New York, 1900, and at the time of his death a

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in urine, either normal or pathological, though the authors

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tainmg the copy of Harvey's works in a bottle, beside

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vessels. Visual disturbances vary in these cases and are in no

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the subsequent stage dangerously tedious, or to prevent its com-

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liave eom]>laineil of vertijro, hut none to such an extent as this.

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Loeffler bacilli ; they sterilized these cultures by ex-

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is only the second case of the kind I have had in my clinic at the West

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No matter how this record may be interpreted, it must

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mechanical ventilation in the newborn period. J Pe-

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This gentleman is the author of an opinion respecting the

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never taken on a serious character in any of the infants

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absolutely erroneous to teach that increased cerebral pressure is transmitted

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of various kinds, some of which had hung on for years,

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all of the sugar into lactic acid the acid must be neutralized with chalk

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the Triennial Meeting at Three Rivers in July last. We regret

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Marcus (H.D.) & Daland (.J.) A case of typhoid fe-

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administered per se, a saving of considerable expense would be

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to the preceding collection of cases of infant-suicide in late

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feeding. I am fully )>ersuaded that a child can be raised


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