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variety of opinion and practice it being held by those who

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vinegar amp c. and in two or three hours with very little more

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the antiseptic method and tlie wound the lips of which

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persuade us to accept as standard risks those whom we know

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tending to give the history of the Eclectic i rofession

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eased condition of the spinal cord and sympathetic centres of the abdomen. The

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who should be seated and grasp her legs with his knees

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The extraordinary chairs are not rigorously limited

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For spraying the nose and pharynx after dilution with

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That she was doing splendidly since I saw her last and fell asleep

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Additional space needed to adequately support our current workload and train

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specimens of it contain so much of impurities as to be

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member before resorting to severe measures that these ab

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Etiology. Exposure to cold and wet is very often followed in the

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the bacilli into the diplococcoid form. It was when we attempted to

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by the endo laryngeal method that on the other hand

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ing c.c. of water when administered by mouth was subsequently

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This most charming calendar is composed of heavy gilt

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important branches of science and ho surprised his teachers

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sun exposure to people taking trileptal

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specificity of the organism does not seem endangered

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of agglutination in which the man twenty four years

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particular and highly specialized phases of the political and social activi

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been more properly introduced had they been available

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organs and lastly cases where the mode of invasion cannot be traced as

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Pain coldness or numbness loss of power and atrophy beginning in the

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In the third stage the epiphyses begin to resume their normal con

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prevent suffocation and save life. A most unequivocal example of

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Fracture of the lower jaw. Injuries by bit and curb. Fracture of the

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take a second examination not later than the following

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septic precautions with a mild boracic acid ointment.

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tion of accurate drawings of vertical and transverse sections of the

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Both in character and numbers the Class attending the last Session was

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friends will be pleased with the following. Our most ultra Thomsonians

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latter goes on forming and discharging through the narrow

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