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 Satibo U Apotekama

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the wife of Dr. Arthur E. T. Longhurst, 60th Royal Riiles, of a son.
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M. BoiN'ET has just read a voluminous report on some cases of
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portant place asa tonic and sliinulant. E-i|)Oci:illy was
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the throats in the way lie had suggested, and also by swabbing the fauces with
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severe. Dilatation or contraction of the pupil is common when a tumour
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local troubles are seen in the feeling of fulness, weight, and pressure in the
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since admission last evening ; motions powdery and pale (very
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blistering and to the use of mustard. It is important
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Billington is corroborated by that of others. Thus " the
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The special causes we may not be able to remove ; but co-operating causes
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passed into the stomach. With each succeeding attempt
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the rays causing these phenomena are absorbed, fluorescent
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whole subject, are the knowledge of the Mechanism of Labour,
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gentlemen present to believe and aflirm that a di.slo-
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patient himself; the beats are frequent, sudden, and violent, and the pulse
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lowing method : Tlio child is laid upon its back and
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in acute hyperemia of the cortex acting on unstable brain constituents.
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tion of thinjzs in unmistakable characters. As soon as the true na-
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" But the most important agent in the treatment of this epidemic, the remedy
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in the lumbar region and radiates toward the groin. There is retraction
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not wish to be further disturbed concerning the origination of
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temperature of 37° C. (98.6^ E.) micro-organisms were
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the medical profession to cover up their ignorance as to the cause of death
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The characters of this genus are intermediate between those of Trypanosoma
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was better to wait until some time from the eighth to the tenth
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heat. In it numerous minute, acuminate, bright red papules make their
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upward, through the action of the psoas-iliacus muscle. In propor-
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