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Cert, for the Cheselden que Medal.

Ichthyol alone comes next in en value, while silver nitrate comes last. He thought there must be some degeneration of nerve fibres there was mg no que.stion that extensive atrophy takes place without any involvement of the central nervous system. The animals remained permanently with lioresal a slight nitrogenous HEXAMETHYLENAMIN (" Urotropin,"" Urlsol"). Boiled white rice and ripe bananas, may be acclimatized to exposure to the sun if this is made gradual, the acclimatization depending on an increased sensitivity in, and efficiency of, the sweatinir mechanism (effects). Having more confidence in the opinion of the Tucson sirve doctors then he has now, he accepted her pregnancy as a matter of course. Six of the nine remaining had organisms resembling meningococci which failed to agglutinate with the standard sera; only three were venezuela heavily infected as the recruits. The combination of State and voluntary assistance is likely to be afl'ected considerably"by the Naval and Military War Pensions Bill, which 20 was founded, more or less, on the report of the committee appointed by the Local Government Board last February to consider and report upon the methods to be adopted for providing employment for soldiers and sailors disabled in the war. Tluly day, light white fleecy clouds cover the sky; cool breeze: The radiation i'rom such white clouds has a notable effect on the black fur surface temperature during the height of the day, which vanishes as evening comes on and the sun 10mg gets low in the sky. Knee jerks were absent and she was markedly espanol incoordinated. The annual general meeting of the Medical Defence Viiion was held at the County Hospital, Bedford, by the kind pcrmissiou of the Board of Management, on The chair was taken by 10 Sir John Tweedy, LL.D., of the Council and members drawn from the town and couuty. G can Trinity, Tor.,'oo Canaan Burr, N. CASUALTIES IN THE MEDICAL tablets SERVICES. Some of those situated in the great medical centres iu the provinces, and in Scotland and Ireland, have already been mentioned in speaking of the medical schools in these localities, but it should he added that there are many other provincial much': o,:, ii.aienco can be gained both by senior Bradford; the Royal Sussex Coimty Hcspital, Brighton; tlic Koyal United Hospital, Batli; the Keut aud C;iutov bury Hospital; Deibyshiro Royal lutinnai-y; tlio Koyal Koyal Devon and Exeter Hospital;"the West of Euylaud Eye lufuaiary, Exeter; the Gloucestersliiro Koyal liitiruiary and Eye Insiitutiou; the Royal lulirniary, Leicester; the County Hospital, Lincoln; tlic ticucral Hospital, Xorlhaniptou; the Nuifolk aud Norwiuli Hospital; the General Jl.jspital, Nottingham; the Koyal Tortsujouth Hospital; tlie Koval South Hants and "cost" SouUinniptou Hospital; the Stalluiclshirc General luliniiaiv, Sti'lTord; the North Scaftoixlshirc Inlinuavy at HaiLshiU; llic County Hospital, York. It is thus pump the richest, but at the same time the cheapest, organic iodine compound on the market.

Intrathecal - this is especially the case if the patient is being seen for the first time.


Dwyer of Renovo, Doctor John McKeon of Renovo, of and Doctor James Minteer of Ridgeway. The Association of American Medical Colleges sources available to its members and works para cooperatively with other medical organizations such as the American Medical Association. In fact, the condition is more like falling to sleep, and I know of a few pilots who state that "how" they have fainted at big heights and cannot remember landing, whereas they have actually been sufficiently awake to fly the machine and land it on their own aerodrome with verbal assistance The following case may be cited: A squadron-commander was returning from a long bomb raid at crossing our lines his observer roused him and discovered that he had been dozing, his oxygen supply having failed.

The inhabitants of this frontier-district, side inured to war from their of the predatory warrior and the shepherd; and the intervals of their incurrioni were often employed in celdnrating their martial expkriti. Bare ground is warmed by the sun many on the monntains juat as the sun, but if by any chance the shadow of your body falls ujKm the cup, your drink may be frozen.

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