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    be so rasb agaiu, since nature will do tbe work much

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    Mr. (.' loper Foster used pure carbolic aci I in one ease of com-

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    of all severity, and the liability to the introduction of air has been provided

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    that the persons making the report are still doubtful as to whether this

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    and counties also have reduced publicly supported services.

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    the depot for ambulances, the stables for the horses, the disin-

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    them with reference to all the conditions that enter into consideration

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    of a different stamp, and sit wholly intent upon the teaching

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    There is in objects a kind of hea^uty whijch is Jnjrjnsic an^

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    The spirit (alcoholic) thermometer is used when very low tem-

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    special micro-bacillus of oily seborrhoea grow in animals.

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    very elaborate system by which the teachers are moved

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    Bright's disease, where no ob.struction in the larfre arteries

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    friction was heard over a circumscribed spot in the axillary line

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    in gastro- intestinal neurasthenia. Weak nerve centres interfere with

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    The soil in Felchville is gravel with a subsoil of clay ;

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    with a mean age of approximately 30. Dubois and associates

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    Ankle Sprains. — Edward H. Ochsner, in speaking on this subject be-

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    the blood showed the percentage hemoglobin to be 60, with

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    Massachusetts, of whom 6.'! per cent, were earning less

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    below the level of consciousness ; and this either by pri-

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    immune to phthisis, but who in worse health and conditions fall

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    or four ounces) productive of the greatest good by reliev-

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    next passer-by. However, when found a second time, the

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    attains an unusual grade, as do the pains in the abdomen, small of the

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    placed, while moderate traction brings the head back into its position.

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