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    sionally to pyo-salpinx. Frequently, early occlusion

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    posteriorly revealed an area of dulness over the middle portion of the

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    symmetrical lymphangitis with blocking of example. In health this drug has little or

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    foetus during pregnancy. N. York M. J., 1888, xlvii. 323. —

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    same time to suggest "You are going to sleep now, fast

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    universally admitted. Every means, therefore, calculated to facilitate the study

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    days of Boerhaave, medical practice was guided and governed

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    hold affairs should be placed in the hands of the Superintendent, according to

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    the cholera did not become epidemic there in that sea-

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    limits of the cervix are closely defined and the neces-

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    views were a little more obscure and exalted — anarchists.

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    is becoming subject to a desire for the stimulant when no longer

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    cold-blooded murderers that are continually at work among us?

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    virtues are increased by combinations wilii iron, thus :

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    from the fornix to the sclerocorneal margin (Fig. 1) where they spread

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    ally from New Orleans ; died of yellow fever Aug. 9th.

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    points with our present knowledge. The experiments reported here,

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    determine 0.000,000,03 gram of musk. The acuteness of the sense of

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    cles. When, however, the muscle becomes fatigued, the

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    depofiition of matter in the anterior chamber of the aqueous hu-

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    cover the necrotic wall and septum — hence painful

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