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 Aurochem Tadagra

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to account for that sudden occurrence of the disease as a result of

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a prominent part in medical teaching in the Southwest, his move-

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attention to so heat the electrolytic needles that they would

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a focus in the pelvis, which may occasion septic infec-

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hours for a few days, will so well support the nervous system as

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analgesics to their preanalgesic states? Why curse the

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Here the Association acts the sanhedrim of the profession —

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the analysis of calculi, we may almost guess their entire composition ;

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he suddenly exclaimed " Thank God! I am better," and for a few

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not only praise, but justification of previous praise, and we need not say

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to all the peripheral vessels in the form of a second positive pressure

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everyone is aware), or at least that the 2-page addition was not

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covery. — Parotitis from Morphia. — James M , fet.

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large joints, were intense; in some, the stomach and bowels suffered

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Sudden Death in Sioux Indians, see Acute Myocardial Infarction and

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end of the first week there commences the formation of an alimentary canal, by

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barbarities are to be seen there ; but it may be desir-

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essayist did not mention ; for instance, suppose you have a burn

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of it, there exists a dull percussion which contrasts notably with

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Unless it is obtained melanuria should never be diagnosed, but in the

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GoLDSCHEiDER in Jfothnagel, Spec. Path. u. Ther. Bd. x. Th. ii. 1897. — 4. Marie.

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there may be danger in using nutritive enemas in diseases of the lower

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nearly a mile- in width : it is the provincial capital, where

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death ensued, some four months after the appearance of the first symptom.

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appear to be concurrent, if we admit the occasional exceptions,

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mesal (spurious)* edge of the hemisphere is involuted in

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Dose: Six pills in a teaspoonful of water, night and morning, but if,

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tioii. It'woitldhavfe b^eii of int^tffest td kno^ whether in Dr.

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