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recommended the following : Frequent thorough cleans-

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text-books, and a general acknowledgment of its merits is the result. I

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Dr. G. H. Sherman, 419 St. Aubin Ave., Detroit, Mich.

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dilator required an amount of force which to me, as a beginner, was

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the addition of a M-piece may otherwise have. Alterations in the

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cause, may rather be a part of the tubercular predisposition.

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Individual differences in the behaviour of the organism which has been infected by

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state of Israel, opened its doors on May 17 as a joint

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years ago, and I have not yet forgotten the impression it

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patients and those with obstructive lung disease. Eryth-

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irritate the stomach and bowels. When the child is thirsty, cold

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it would seem that the preventive measures adopted were not altogether

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July, he had treated with his serum 192 patients suffering

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soft catheter controlled the bleeding. There was no

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any place where one does medically only what one be-

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This fact is interesting because, though in the early stages it will

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observe the vein and the manometer simultaneously. A good plan is to have them

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Dr. Eucbanan commenced the above communication with a

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physicians to schedule extra time to explain the ex-

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This is a ferment in the blood, like that in must, which

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infect the rat. The complete cycle takes from eight to ten days.

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separable from the muscles, whitish in colour, dry and rough, owing to

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the current Hie effects of the spark were well enough

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walking across the floor daily caused it to descend and

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especially so in broncho-pneumonia. My own conviction is very

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bearing life safety in parturition appears to be du'ectly as fecun-

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Digestive System.— Closely associated with, and often a potent

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Deficiency in the number of Ribs. By Dr. Packard. . . .118

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