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more than the principle of the document, unless they

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hibition, however, is indicated in the laboratory experiments, and the extended

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Classifying his 35 cases by their complications and aggregate ages we find

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skin of the natives. As one goes up the Ganges the climate

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1. Invasion. — The initial symptoms are acute, usually intense, excep-

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ever, do we find that the dysentery of this time differs essentially

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week attend the Doctor, at the set hour he sitteth to give directions

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to irritation which starts from the place where the dis-

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speak at length, for on the previous evening he had assisted in

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■unwholesome condition of the dwellings inhabited by the

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pendant la convalescence de la fifevre typhoide. J. d.

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ture delivered in the Charity Hospital, by Prof. Potain, of Paris, Member

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Klin. Monatsbl. f. Augenh., Stuttg.. 1897, xxxv, 81-85.-

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only remedy, many thousands of lives are being saved that formerly

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coma, while leuko sarcomas have no pigment cells. Pro-

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the old operation for hernia, before having tried the simpler and safer plan of

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capsicum upon it. Arrange the sardines round, and outside

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the pulsations of the heart were continued from one to two hours. When

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The indoor exercise for cripples is, in course, the loose

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