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    to experiment were dogs, and as a preliminary study, the toxic atlion of both

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    due to (i) a lessened virulence; (2) a lessened disposition of the indi-

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    nearly normal, surely not enlarged, and a perfectly free

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    3. ,Forty-two pigeons similarly confined and fed on millet seeds

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    after washing out the bladder a few times with a car-

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    Balance in bank 15 51 $213 40 In cases of chronic interstitial nephritis wo

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    Mr. President and gentlemen, have done me the honour to

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    lateral above the level of the medulla oblongata. Hence local haem-

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    them with reference to all the conditions that enter into consideration

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    I wish to draw from this atudy are : 1, that rheumatism

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    A woodcut from H. Brunschwig's Das Neuwc Distillttr Buck, Strassburg, 1531. In the late Middle

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    pearance, together with an improvement in the mental condition. Of

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    the ugly pathological lesions had preceded by hours

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    its reduction. The only noteworthy feature is that the

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    fact. Empiricism was the only mode of practice for centuries.

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    reduces the incidence of certain major undesirable side effects.

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    aware of changes in the medical profession, likewise, it is

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    Wallerstein, Ralph O., Jr, San Francisco (Jan) 51, (Apr) 467

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    57; Abbutt, Sir Clifford, Diseases of the arteries,

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    illustrate some of the advantages attending the use of

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    think there has to be a felt need to justify an extra organization and

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    parietal peritoneum, with new membranous formations

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    moval was known to bo impracticable, 1 for Cassarean operation, and 1

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    fTo the Editor of the Medical Times .-ind Garotte.]

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    to determine exactly what constitutes a departure from strict moderation

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    In the second patient a period usually lasts three months.

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    appearance of the body. The bluish-white sclerse and pallid nails are con-

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    too, hysteria only is found when the affection was thought

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