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    aside from a few which are inert and some which are un-

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    I also saw some cases in which irritability of the blad-

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    crotonic, glycolic, oxalic, succinic, propionic, lactic and

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    among workmen who labor in factories or where the heat is in-

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    History, — Hamularia is frequently found in horses and asses, generally

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    of the Womb during Labour, and Instrumental Del teen/. 53

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    Marchese bases the following conclusions upon eight

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    simply suspended. Chondromata in this latter condition have a resem-

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    but a rent was discoveied in the base of the skull. It began

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    1901). The author describes in the following paragraph only the best

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    Leipzig. The thickness of the hair must also be measured in order to determine accu-

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    inherits a predisposition to it, as it is for another man to fight. We are all in-

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    It will be seen on dissection that this artery usually

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    of washing out the diseased bladder thoroughly, since there

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    with distilled water. By this procedure rabies appeared in

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    be distinguished only with much difficulty, and was the seat of a fairly

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    (a) Ue.ld to the SuudoiLuid Sledico-Chirurgical Sotiety, May 29, 1S66.

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    have been sent to any other periodical, unless we are specially notified

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    A policeman afflicted with this disease was under the

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    those nearest to the visible violet region appeared to be active.

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    clean and neat, or if her husband feels that he is held in contempt by her

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    amount of grain passed whole is influenced by the size and kind of

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    Blood is often passed in the stool, giving it the tarry

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    Health of said city are entitled to the thanks of the

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    9. Caprylic 10%, capric 20%, oleic 55%, myristic 5%.

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    out an attack, or they may be repeated in quick succession every few

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    Custom House wharf until the 1st of August, 10 days, when she hauled

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    be applied for a long time to the skin, the eyes, the blad-

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    condition would permit ; to sleep with windows wide open ;

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    ings may become charged with the virus of disease, and

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