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paralyzed, the blood-pressure falls, and the patient dies of collapse.

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were no signs of any hemorrhage, or of any endo-cranial bony growth, or

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direction which future investigators were to pursue and the nature of

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trouble. That is what it seems to me to really amount to."

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suffered from the burns. The reporter believed that death

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the galvanic test. Still, the latter has here, as elsewhere, a distinct

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one of the Medical staff on duty at the Hospital for the Insane at that

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Thtjksday St. George's, 1 p.m. — Central London Ophthalmic,

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is dissolved, otherwise the sugar will be found to have

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malarial fevers in the infant and the young child. J. Am.

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h. By means of the skin, or simply by the hair of dis-

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himself under medical treatment, and was blistered and purged

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Disorders of sensibility. — Here we come in contact with the

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been a source both of gratification and perplexity. While

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developed, and only by immediate examination of the urine, voided in


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changes referred to were a slow growth of the bones and

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of course, to attempt reduction. Place the patient in

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and, to (piotc Hutchison, " for this reason persons who

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of storage most effectively, and, in so doing, will acquire

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them. Tlie phenomenon in question is, however, best eluci-

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calomel. Jalap may also be given to expel round or thread

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