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 Stendra Pi

and asphyxia. — Med. T. and Gaz., March 22, 1802, from Gaz. des Hop., No. 25.
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with parrafin to render it water tight and to facilitate its
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conjunctiva are followed by more inflammation than those in
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capillttry enlarKemeiit extends over the whole half of the IxkIv.
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Gr^goire's original instrument. Hence arose the adoption of simpler
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In 1914 Rehfuss 1 gave an account of a technique for
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whom he placed there was (I think) at least the tenth whom he
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missioners in Lunacy. Dr. Hood, in the course of his evidence,
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The author has witnessed the most astonishing effects
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Anderson 2 gives proofs, by separate inoculation, of the non-identity
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logne, September 14 to 21. A subsection on medical elec-
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the alveoli being very small, and perhaps so few in number that their
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" 4. That the Universities and other Corporations shall elect
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The visual result was nil in one case, and -^^^ still present
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not appear to be due to mechanical causes, but is an
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contraction, and that the large mass was a mass of fibrous tissue.
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single occasion is a good sign, unless it is due to haemorrhage or to some
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in excess really did not pass enough, and in only about two
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chains of protective receptors — but if the leucocytes are success-

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