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these lesions, however, and nothing is known as to their cause or
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There have been three plans of treatment of a mechanical
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sure, they dilate, blood stasis is produced, congestion ensues and in-
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Bonecor, and authorized him to explain more at length to the
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The common bile-duct increased in calibre as it approached the liver, until it
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pigs, sheep, and horses are less susceptible, and usually react with
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or his reader will certainly misunderstand them. Generally, also,
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place the joint in that position where there is least potential cavity in
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very valuable agent to relax the perineal muscles; pituitary extract to
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or digitalis is usually well tolerated Available data are not
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into vital energy, and )'iVf!-fc«<i. . . . Whilst the force dis-
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abundant discharge, greater obstinacy with respect to the induc-
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fluenza colony was absent, but the colony left a slight discoloration on
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of the uterus in sterile women a method in which the
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phenolphthalein (Na 2 HPO 4 ) is, of course, not included in the acidity. Besides
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be small. Moynihan, however, admits that there are a few cases in
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(1891-2», 1893, 20-41. Aho : Aicb. psicbiat. [etc.], Khar-
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sided nasal obstruction and epistaxis. On examination, the left side of
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certain hours, particularly in the evening. In some they are sharp and stab-
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advantage to make the fullest use of the spas and seaside resorts, while
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Back of head covered with broad, appressed scales Stegomyia
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from 16"5 per cent, to 3'3 per cent. On the one hand the number of
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range of 40" in two or three days. Whatever may be the atmospheric
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be better next year to give a smaller volume of still more care-
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tranchea- but not so much as to prevent its being pulled off in a state
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The chapters on Physiological Optics, Examination of the Eye, and
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patient who was suffering from melancholia with sleeplessness and a high blood
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He then points out that beyond this circumstance .in the par-
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description, M. Herpin denies altogether, and affirms that "a partial
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body by any other route. It has been have been more successful and wish to re-
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jmall cecum without an appendix., as do also the Piatyr-
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beck's small resection saws. This having been done, the excised
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failed to secure union. Later we tried holding the fragments with a
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blunt and sharp points, in order to see if tactile sensibility was lowered or
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<ionsiderably diluted for use. Twenty-four to forty
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above the knee-joint ; the patella was in front of the tibia below
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March 15, 1886. — The patient is doing very well ;
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rods which are often joined together in short chains, and bent or
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The patient is tired — his fatigue manifesting itself in an almost tangible weari-
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the patient from shock. In removing the portion of the sacrum

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