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     Sominex Sleep Aid Dosage

    somewhat umbilicated. and havi^ g siruous and rounded edges.

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    area of each page, and is elegantly enclosed in a pink-lined

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    " partly without and pirtly within the chest, between the

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    my patients ever objected to it, and I never saw any worse

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    and into exile in Austria. In consequence of this he was

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    pate, consider it highly desirable to do so forthwith, in order

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    week by week to the provincial newspaper press by the letter-

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    Smith : Sarcoma of Ovary. Dr. Bantook's adjourned dis-

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    treated with liypo lermic injections of various preparations

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    the Bengal Establishment, are placed temporarily at the disposal of the

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    has no duties except to give immediate attention to any sur-

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    Officer of Health to the Bedale Rural Sanitary District.

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    uniting the iliac spine and the umbilicus. This in-

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    for the No. lA, Upper Norwood District of the Croydon Union.

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    Stony Stratford : Deceptive Peiitonitis. Mr. A. W. Cooke, Northampton,

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    pride of the city, that are led from pure mountain springs in swift

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    are pretty fully discussed in an important work on the history

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    between the word Surgeonand the military affix— for example,

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    still, the word ' AA—ass,' for example, has also the determinative sign of

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    illustrating the pathological histology of the skin. These

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    w re examined were absolutely healthy. Altogether this

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    induce Mr. (iraham to suppose that the woman had been

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    gether. They are in the volume of 18fl ol the Comptrs Rcndiis dc la Sncit'ti

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    A considerable portion of the time of the Conference was

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    the question of drainage. I have shown that the peritoneal

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    that C, or at least one of the firm, should continue iu attendance. X.

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    The Scientific Grants Committee of the British Medical Asso-

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    the famous American case of a wound of the skull hy a crowbar,

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    name, "antj can only express my regret at having been the cause of such

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    Eeypt," Royal Institution of Great Britain, March .'ith. 188i>.

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    thetic manner in which he had habitually carried out his duties ; this had

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