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 Slippery Stuff Target

results in treating 8 women afflicted with urinary incontinence
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is better to use only a flat flap of muscle or fat, not inclosing
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sometimes a considerable number of w^hite mucous flocculi are
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« Zeitsclirlft fiir Orthopaedlsche Chlrurgle, 1903, xi, p. 342.
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Confirmatory evidence has also been brought forward by
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Texas, and New Orleans, no less than forty-five deaths having
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many very interesting facts are brought out, illustrating this trait.
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Opiiilo-Urinary Siirip'onp. W»ihit>it<<>n. '>■ ''.
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upon whether the poisoning has been acute or chronic,
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30 years, and phl^sis was practically unknown. Hie natives in
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Zeiss Microscope, three eye-pieces, triple nose-piece, condenser, iris dia-
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case where the woman contracted syphilis from the child.
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of births, deaths, and the incidence of disease; bring-
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corneous cells, wliich encyst the parasitic colony. Thus a minute
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small maternal mortality." He cites the fact that, in cases
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These granules are larger and more abundant in the sporonts.
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probably a light interstitial irritation of the kidney due to poison
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or disturbed, various symptoms arise in different cases, and with these
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found covered with the amniotic sac (which was empty and firmly adherent
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1. Recent Investigations Bearing on Infectious Diseases of Unlcnown
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of tile patient and for tlie safety of those who are
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To state the issue plainly, the averment must be made that
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12.5 minims, the next 87 minims, the next 70 minims, and the last 40 minims.
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distinguished from those by differences which justify the division of the
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Robert Louis Stevenson back to Scotland is scarcely
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Headache, which may be very severe, vertigo, palpitation, frightful
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associated penile intraepithelial neoplasia in sexual partners of women with cervical
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corpuscles are measured, the mean will be of course too great. I do not
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the unprotected state of the veins and lymphatics combine in

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