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lously clean and particles of dust or precipitated stain

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Table I. shows the percentages of children with each main class of

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ley, storax, parsley seed, seseli, shepherd's pouch, bishop's

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mechanical resources of erasion, scarification, and excision.

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Hunter crossed his threshold only to be greeted with sounds

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by White of Boston, under the name of Keratosis follicularis, but of which

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nucleoli, and there is more of a tendency to clump than in the myelo-

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the process, marked by scutula, rugged crusts and scars, are usually

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a huge papillomatous growth on the vulva, where the parts are moist, warm,

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another, as when a sample of material is weighed on a counter-

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There are certain places which are practically uninhabitable in con-

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and make a request which the wealthy Miss Corbett thought

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clean and undisturbed, and in a few days the union of parts

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severe symptoms mentioned above, can hardly be confounded with any

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edged leader of English surgeons, had publicly expressed

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case, and should not therefore form part of the definition.


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fever, malaise, and pain in the side to be admitted to hospital for acute

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very few cases their suspicions may prove correct ; but in the majority we

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produces a sensation than does the kathode. The increased irritability of

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or at any rate very easily quickened. Very rarely it is slower than

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whatever they might be^ and the disorders of the liver ; they

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a hereditary proclivity to neurasthenia is detected. Among the poor,

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integument. The " incubation " period seems to be very variable, and,

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System, vol. i. pp. 504 and 587 (62, 69, 70, 11, 8, 18).

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on the other side of the steyne, who on Cordy's appearance


necessary to relieve the patient from his occupation for a time, and my

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forces that rule the inorganic world. Such an idea strikes

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of depression in these cases is referred to the epigastric or hypochondriac

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