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    operation should be limited to those cases where the head has attained
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    also is readily explained, for we are fiilly justified in considering the
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    volume of the Philosophical Transactions, in which the notion of the
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    less important observed by M. Peter at the military hospital of
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    The portion of the bowel removed measured 23 cms.; its proximal
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    England escapes, for the most part, the attention of the pro-
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    If the inflammation have considerable intensity, the duration of the disease
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    that had been inflicted without injury to the clothing that covered that part. In
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    Dre. Sumner Ely, of Otsego^, and Robert G. Frary, of Cohmr
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    ond injection was tried upon the opposite side, be-
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    In the absence of Dr. W. Gordon M. Byers, Montreal, Dr. C.
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    may be employed. This necessitates the wearing of some form of
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    only be made microscopically, as the development of these
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    conditions due to mal-nutrition, occur, viz., dropsical accumulations,
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    cember 2-4, 1984; J. Hyman, “Toxic Vaccine Threatens
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    Hospital for the Insane at Dixmont, which, it is said, will
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    ment of that trial that the Rev. Dr. Cutler's knowledge of its power in
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    In France the metrical or decimal system is now the only legal
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    in Dr. Lockyer's case the rectum was adherent to the back of the uterus, for
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    may be said that in a case of cercbro-spinal meningitis
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    wreck off the coast of Newfoundland, 2 in automobile
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    " In the Recueil for this year (1875), M. Barry, of La Ferte-
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    field of operation is much cleaner, as the surgeon does not operate
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    drops and a lotion. She subsequently went to the Eye and Ear
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    week, pension, civil service appointment. Address re-
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    are not common under one year and after twenty. Females are more
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    pleura is then opened and the cavity is exposed, and if
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    lisinfection, the management of warmtli and light in
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    >een properly made. 8. Supposing the substance to contain poison— is
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    ing-ground in the loose and well-aerated gravels. It
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    beyond the constriction, and the cardiac portion assumes
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    by religious fanaticism, as had been the Mohammedans
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    tirely removed, it is said, by the application of a solution
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    license in medicine, the letters ' Ph', signifying Phy-
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    fession must see that it does and be prepared in every state to defend the present
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    has both the Hoch-Spannung and Induction apparatus for
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    fed upon loach infected with T. barbatulce, and these seem to
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    according to its age, which contains a membranous bladder filled with a
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    spasms result from the ligation of a large bleeding
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    An electric light current of 110 volts reduced by passage through
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    even the second lumbar vertebra. The cardiac dulness may be completely
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    " Report on Cholera and Cholera Ships," by Dr. John
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    and of examining the i?cientific labors, and composing biographical me-
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    nobility of the thoughts expressed and the circumstances under

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