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difficulty, however, in procuring a medical certificate to the effect that

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there, the objects at the bottom are seen with so much distinctness.

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ing beforehand which cases are suitable for resection and which

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Knees. — ^These present little that is unusuaL The fibulsB are

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C. Cameron, M.D. Assistant-Physicians, Joseph Coats, M.D., and Jas.

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admit that some of these indicate remarkable effects

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5. Ask about training and/or supervision. Will the agency

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paper, the headings, etc., so as to crowd the tempera-

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domestic baths containing Tidman's sea-salt. It would be rash to

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present in assuming that all the other species are entirely without effect

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the distention produced by springs is much more irregular

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Health of said city are entitled to the thanks of the

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treatment adopted. The patient was a primipara who was

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same end. Quite a short time ago he had been taught to remedy a

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containing the weekly numbere of the preceding month, stitched in a cover.— Price $3,00 a year fn

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a paper by our secretary, I chose that which is announced by

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specificity of the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus, by claiming

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Leiper has reported two species of Chrysopsy one of the tabanid biting; flies, as

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