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strates beyond dispute, the injurious effects of alcohol upon the healthy
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arm. He placed the man fully under the influence of chloroform, and applied
in the absence of oxygen — with the exception of the case of some anaerobes.
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appearance, with a family liistory of cancer, with a cachectic
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toneum; Acute Peritonitis — Scarlet Fever — Tu-
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contents of the alimentary canal into themselves, and form
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occurrence of variolous papules and vesicles with depression in the centre,
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away. At the same time he had severe bi-temporal headache with nausea,
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eruption. After one week's treatment, patient did not
better be passed through the flame of a spirit lamp, and thus
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exercise in the yoimg. This is a tempting subject of discussion, but
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oughly scrubbed witli Castile-soap and warm water. Then
surrounding tissue of the bitten part in order that the still unabsorbed

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