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 Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize Winners

decomposition, so as to form an insoluble precipitate. In administering

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It is very often diflScult to determine which are primary and which

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influence of hope and confidence in favouring the action of other remedies

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soluble in an excess of anunonia. The dose and mode of administration

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whether acclimatization to cold actually enhances the resistance of

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part dies; and almost instantaneously the pulse becomes feeble, the skin

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gans, it has been found extremely inconvenient to introduce liquids in an

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and the fibre is made firmer and more digestible. Plain boil-

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affections. This impoverished state of the blood may act doubly. It

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as our volition can give rest, there is a constant motion going

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rhcea, and a chronic su inflammatory condition of the gastric mucov

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firom the remedy, was induced, on his return to England, to try the ef-

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r; tmeiaUic bodies, snch as flat-irons heated: hoi bricln; bogs

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tion of flowers, and many of the operations in manufactories

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geously given when others prove offensive. The affection to which it is

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ciple; but their virtues depend mainly on a volatile oil, which exists in

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whole of Europe, Great Tar tar y, Thibet, Japan, a part of

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tion of the secreting vessels and increase of the dischai-ge,

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the albumen, which br>iling water coagulates and renders in sobible; and,

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the basis of one of his dogmas, that diseases are cured by remedies the

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timcH the qiiaulity that would be required to relieve severe rheumatic

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The professional reader will see nothing improper in

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the solution should always be kept on hand, ready for the preparation

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one of the few animals that responds to this poison with a lowered

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men — his master. The expert and accomplished fencer shews

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former lectures constitute the chief substance of the present Treatise,

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pulse in twenty-four hours from 9lj to itO in the minute, (Teroira, Mai

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eapecially applicable are those of a scrof^ilous or tuberculous character.

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the measure is at present seldom resorted to. Nor is it now nccessar

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tines; and I have also found it extremely useful in certain cases,

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Sensible and Chemical Properties, It is a yellow, heavy, inodorous,

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susceptibility is mainly in the nervous centres, it is very probable that

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quently exist in the same case, and are fulfilled by the same application

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I requested her to leave off the use of it entirely. She did so, and

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geously treated with the hot bath, repeated every day, especially if

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upon the scrotum. For operating on the vesicular seminales, one ex-

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