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 Odorless Garlic Tabs Cure Bo

tion of light from the injured eye, and it was limited

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the cord : I have found this in several dissections of dogs which

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as it often is, that all the processes in the arteries

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open air, and typhoid disappears almost absolutely.

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Not long since I was called upon to visit a gentleman of the first re-

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Iodine; Iodoform — Iodine; Skin Disorders — Iron

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This was the way the record was kept. Sometimes for a day or

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glands in carcinoma depends chiefly upon the variety

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vated, and febrile excitement renewed, be this several times in

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(2) Myocardial Disorders. — Weakness of the heart wall is usually first

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was struck by a musket-bullet two inches below the right nipple. The projectile

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or hazy. Both anterior chambers are markedly shallow.'

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within one-half inch of its insertion through two thirds of its substance,

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ever stand the names of Jones of Jersey, and Mackenzie of

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vessel itself, or else intervene between the bases of the columnar

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Throughout the course of the disease systemic symptoms may be alto-

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tion. There are fever, depression, and sometimes a typhoid

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bv drugs which control the action of the motor nerves,

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My experience of 20 years teaching in Rock, Dodge, Fond du Lac and

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must have read nothing, not to acknowledge that vivi-

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equal, dry climate. But in an advanced stage of the disease, if the

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Broken ribs, if untreated, will finally unite of them-

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— Has been well for nearly five weeks; looks and feels well; has taken

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cases in which no stimulant is required, the ordinary domestic alkalies, as

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of the aortic valve, or with dilatation or aneurysm of the aorta itself, as

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shortly as I can. I have performed this operation because I

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is really a haemato-chyluria. The thoracic duct may not be the seat

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