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tail of the pancreas, each measuring about 1.5 cm. in
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of course, from its occurring at night and it may exist for a long time unsus-
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scan. Exogenous thyroid in high doses will suppress TSH
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lieved gorged stomach, and perhaps also chronic indiges-
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The test is performed in a similar way by turning the patient to
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East, restored the University of Rome in all its departments, and col-
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16. Girolami A. De Marco L, Dal Bo Zanon R, et al: Rarer quantitative and
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Insurance — against appendicitis, 457 : companies and
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may come on while there is still undigested food in the stom-
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potent teacher than statistical tables or microscopical revelations." Dr. Hibberd
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Whereas the principles of public health have, with few exceptions,
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Though this may be considered rather trite and common-place,
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Dose : Three globules in a teaspoonful of water, repeated, if necessary,
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chiefly in warm weather. It occurs in pale, delicate children or
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In animals several infectious processes are ascribed to blastomycetes.
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great, the nuclear thought is continuous, not casual, supervision
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Symptoms. — The acute accidental intoxication must be distinguished
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of threads of linen, silk, or other material, which
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The lawyer of the Medical Society, Mr David Hutcheon, was
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they are used ; and it is well to impress upon the attendant on the sick
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entirely new to us, having very recently come to light,
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ganglia, Dr. Maudsley enters upon the consideration of
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conception was traceable back to 1836, since which time, she had
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chest, and also those of the neck and axilla, are apt to become involved.
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eight years, was admitted to the Whitworth Hospital complaining of

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