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All the usual tests for proteins, the heat test, nitric-acid test will

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iance. Some assume that the reaction follows Schiitz's law of squares,

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union. It rs not enough to place the surfaces in contact ; the surgeon

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just above the malleoli, then one around the instep and sole,

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by falling with his mouth on the pillow, or that he might have been carried

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what more efficacious, leaves a bluish stain upon the skin, due to


de l epilep.sie. Ann. mfid.-psychol.. Par., 1899, 8. s.,

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constants C and C t are propostional to the strength of the hydrochloric acid, one

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Oxygen and atmospheric air he found to have no direct influence in promoting

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becomes so. A dilfuse pigmentation of the skin may suggest Addison's

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that the miracidium swims about in water, and may perhaps pierce

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and Greece, at the present time. In Prussia, Austria, and Hol-

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altered in appearance or the lens may be pushed to one side by the

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ture of digitalis are a valuable addition to other medicines.

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frequently observed tarry stools. On examination a tender epigastric

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treiitment of epilepsy. Ibid., 129-131. — Tomasini (S.)

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attached to a house, or ship, a discharge of electric fluid may

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Its low specific gravity must make it less dangerous than the others. It is not

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thoroughly up to date, though the author in his preface says

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.">. Abdominal Kneading in the Treatment of Intestinal Stasis.

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atrophy. Fibrillary twitchings are said to be more frequently present than

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distinctly the knife-blade. Operation was performed, the over-

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at which obliteration of an artery can be obtained by position alone, without

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